Ambattur Diary

The Ambattur Dairy was installed with a capacity of 2 LLPD in the year 1976.The handling capacity has been increased to 5 LLPD by strengthening of infrastructure at a cost of Rs.7.5 crore in the last six years to meet out the increased demand of consumers of Central Chennai.


Further, Ambattur Dairy supplies milk to consumers of Central Chennai through 45 hired route vehicles, 33 private agency vehicles, 5 milk Consumer Co-operative Society (MCCS) milk routes and 7 Federation milk routes.


This Dairy has been certified with ISO 9001:2008, IS 15000:1998 (HACCP) and IS/ISO 14001:2004(EMS). The milk cold room facilities will be strengthened during the current year.


The expansion works of effluent treatment plant capacity from 4 LLPD to 7 LLPD has been completed.