Nucleus Jersey and Stud Farm (NJ&SF), Ooty


The Nucleus Jersey and Stud Farm was established in 1973. It consists of two divisions’ viz. bull mother farm and stud farm. Stud farm is located in an area of 37.72 acres of land leased from the Forest department and the Bull Mother Farm is located in an extent of 46.33 acres of Revenue land.


Bull Mother Farm


The Bull Mother Farm maintains high pedigreed Cows of Jersey breed, to produce genetically superior Jersey breeding bulls for production of quality frozen semen for breeding purposes. In the same location in Kakkathope, cultivation of Oats, Maize & Kikuyu grass is also undertaken for fodder requirement of the farms.


Stud Farm


The stud farm maintains pure Jersey, crossbred Jersey, pure Holstein Friesian and cross Bred Holstein Friesian bulls for frozen semen production and Frozen semen is being supplied to all the District Cooperative Milk Producers Unions (DCMPU) in the State which in turn distribute it to the artificial insemination centres under their control for artificial insemination of the cows belonging to the members of the milk Producers co-operative societies. Presently, there are around 132 bulls at the stud farm, of which 97 are under semen collection. Eleven imported bulls of which ten pure Jersey and one pure Holstein Friesian are also being maintained in the farm. The farm produces around 16.00 lakh doses of frozen semen straws per year on an average. During 2018-19, it has been proposed to produce around


19.00 lakh doses of frozen semen straws.