Services to Producers

The main objective of the milk co-operatives is to protect the interest of the milk producers. To achieve these objectives the following services are provided to the milk producers.



Input Services to Milk Producers




Doorstep animal health coverage services are being provided to the milk producers to treat sick animals. Emergency health care has also been provided. Timely artificial insemination is essential for yielding one calf per year. Hence for the benefit of milk producers artificial insemination is carried out in the milch animals at the door step of the producers through Union veterinarians and trained village level workers. During the year 2017-18, 20.34 lakh artificial inseminations were carried out. Periodical animal health camps are conducted in villages for mass de-worming and to treat infertility cases.


In order to motivate the milk producers in the use of cattle feed, a subsidy of Rs.2.00 to Rs.4.00 per kg cattle feed is being provided. Mineral mixture is also supplied to the milk producers with the subsidy of Rs.15.00–Rs.25.00 per kg. Livestock insurance coverage is also provided with subsidy. Green fodder and fodder slips are being given to the milk producers by cultivating fodder in union’s land and at Pudukudi farm, Thanjavur.


Under National Livestock Mission (NLM) skill development component block level skill training was conducted for 15,000 milk producers in 300 blocks covering clean milk production practices and scientific feeding by use of chaff cutters, silage making, azolla cultivation, in addition to fodder development activities.


Supply of subsidized Cattle Feed and Mineral mixture

Cattle feed and mineral mixture is being supplied by the unions with a subsidy of Rs.2/-to 4/- per Kg and Rs.15/- to 25/- per kg, respectively from the Union fund.


A sum of Rs.17.80 crore have been spent towards subsidy for the supply of 76,205 MTs of cattle feed and Rs. 94.88 lakh towards the subsidy for the supply of 391 MTs of mineral mixture in 2017–18.


Fodder cultivation

The area under fodder cultivation in unions and Pudukudi in Thanjavur union is 67.81 acres.


During the year 2017-18, fodder cultivation was done in 20 acres of land at Pudukudi, Thanjavur District to meet out the demand of animals available at Pudukudi & Nucleus Jersey


Farm (NJF), Ooty and nearby unions namely, Trichy, Thanjavur, Pudukottai and Sivagangai.


It is also proposed to utilize all the land available in the federation/unions/ societies for fodder cultivation during the year 2018-19, in order to meet out the fodder requirement.


The  Restructured  Peraringnar  Anna


Co-operative Milk Producers Welfare




The Restructured Peraringnar Anna Co-operative Milk Producers Welfare Fund was created, to enhance the loyalty of the milk producers of the primary milk cooperative societies and to assist them in times of their distress. The producer member contributes Rs.1 per month to the fund and a matching contribution of Rs.1 is made by the society concerned and the District Union.


The scheme was inaugurated by the Honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 15.07.2015. So far, a sum of Rs.1.44 crore has been disbursed benefitting 82 milk producers.


To get the full quantum of financial assistance from this fund, the milk pouring member should have poured a minimum of 120 litres of milk in 180 days in the preceding one year, prior to the date of accident.


In G.O.Ms.No.306 Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries (MP-I) Department, Dated.20.11.2013 orders have been issued enhancing the assistance to the member producers of Milk Producers Cooperative Societies who contributed for the fund, according to which a sum of Rs.1.75 lakh will be released to the milk producer who met with a fatal accident or lost more than one organ and a sum of Rs.75,000 in case of loss of one organ. Children of such families are also given financial assistance of Rs.10,000/- for education and marriage purposes. However, there is no increase on the rate of contribution by the society, Union and beneficiary.



Payment of incentive to milk producers by co-operative unions

The profit earned by the district unions is being shared with the milk producers by way of incentive. Depending upon the surplus generated by the particular district union, this incentive amount normally ranges from 60 paisa per litre to Rs.1.60 per litre. A sum of Rs.162.79 crore has been paid as incentive to 3,48,019 milk producers during 2011-17.

Payment of bonus to milk producers by Primary dairy cooperative societies

Whenever the society earns profit, 50% of profit is ‘ploughed back’ to the member milk producers as provided in the by-laws of Milk Producers Cooperative Societies (MPCS) by way of dividend on share capital, patronage rebate and bonus for the value of milk supplied by them to the society.


A sum of Rs.131.50 crore has been paid as bonus, dividend and patronage rebate during 2017-18, by which 2.85 lakh members were benefitted.

 Installation of Bulk Milk Coolers

Bulk Milk Coolers (BMC) at the village level aims at maintaining the initial quality of milk by avoiding transportation to chilling centres / dairies and also improving the keeping quality. So far, 341 BMCs with chilling capacity of 15.19 lakh litres per day have been installed. It is now envisaged to install 500 litres / 1000 litres capacity BMCs to cover the MPCS procuring 500 LPD over a period of five years. It has been proposed to increase the chilling capacity from 15.19 LLPD to 19.12 LLPD by installing 218 BMC under NPDD & VBMPS.