Milk Procurement:

Milk cooperatives have played a key role in the growth of dairy sector in the country. As the milk cooperative movement took roots and spread across the country, India transformed from a milk deficit nation to the largest producer of milk in the world. During 2015-16, India produced 155.491 Million Tonnes (4144 lakh litres per day) of milk which is 18.5% of the world production.
Tamil Nadu ranks among the top ten milk producing states of the country with a daily production of 201 lakh litres per day.The state has a very vibrant milk cooperative sector with milk producers’ cooperative societies spread across nook and corner of the state. There are 12,585 milk producers’ cooperative societies having 20.26 lakh milk farmers as members. 
The average milk procurement through 17 District Co-operative Milk Producers Unions during the year 2017-18 stood at 29.46 LLPD. On 30.09.2018, procurement stood at an all time high level of 35.20 lakh litres. Aavin stands at fourth position among the state cooperatives across the country.  In order to maintain the initial quality of milk and to improve the keeping quality of milk by avoiding long time transportation to Chilling Centres/Dairies, Bulk Milk Coolers (BMC) have been installed at village level for immediate chilling of milk. At present, there are 341 BMCs with a chilling capacity of 15.19 llpd.



Milk Procurement Statistics:

Average Milk Procurement in District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Unions (DCMPU) in lakh litres per day:
Sl. No.    Year    Average milk procurement per day

( in lakh litres)
1    2010-2011    20.67
2    2011-2012    21.40
3    2012-2013    24.36
4    2013-2014    23.22
5    2014-2015    23.68
6    2015-2016    28.97
7    2016-2017    28.50
8    2017-2018    29.46